So Spoiled By Perch's Coffee and Crepe



It was a Brentwood-y moment: cruising roads that all bear the same British-y names except that you're on "Lane" and you're looking for "Circle." The signage is tough to decipher until you're right at the building, and the building numbers are practically nonexistent. By now you surely are approaching your destination, but you've driven past this building twice. Maybe it's across that parking lot over there.

The massive civic design failure that pretty much sums up parts of Brentwood was where we might least expect to roll up on Skin Bar/Perch. Easy to find facing Franklin Road, it's a tiny jewel of a place, where everything is hand-picked, handmade, fussed over, and an unexpected pleasure, just like Carrington reported in her October review.

The sustainably produced Leopard Forest coffee, though, is what I kept coming back to. The Sophia blend used in the decaf latte is just remarkable. So smooth and rich, so full of fragrances and nuances. It's grown in Zimbabwe from Kenyan varieties, then imported to South Carolina. It's roasted there and shipped to arrive here two days later to retain its delicate aromas.

Honestly, it was such a treat that it was more like dessert than coffee. (Though it can be revealed that we did order the 'smores crepe too, and it was deluxe.)

For less than a cup of Starbucks, I'd put Perch's decaf latte up against anything you'd find in Williamson County, and even some of Nashville's best offerings. What about you, Bites readers? Was the coffee at Perch in your Top 10?

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