Talking to the Food



The Facebook-walla in our house threatened to update his page with my comments when he caught me praising a hen for fitting snugly in the right Le Creuset casserole dish. "Oh, you good hen! Aren't you good for fitting in this dish!"

And that brings us to the topic of talking with your food. Considering how much time I spend with food, and what a close personal relationship I have with so much of it, talking is kept to a minimum (my little chat with the accommodating poultry being an exception).

My mother is another story. She talked to, and named, all the inanimate objects in the house. Minnie Minolta and her pal, Tilly Tripod. And food, from steaks to heads of lettuce, were chatted up, soothed, reassured, coaxed, encouraged and sworn at. "Come on, you can do just one more" (spoken to the slice-and-bake cookie dough) "Ooo, little apple, you were dirty. Gosh, I ate three just like you without washing them." And so on.

Crazy, just weird or neither?

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