Flatrock Rocks! Grand Opening Party Saturday



As Nashville housing prices soared over the last decade--and they've survived the real estate bubble-burst much better than most of the rest of the nation--Woodbine has become an increasingly popular neighborhood. It makes sense, given that Woodbine has lovely older homes very close to downtown, 12South, Belmont and Green Hills at a fraction of the price of any of those locations. And with the plethora of Mexican, Middle Eastern and Asian restaurants nearby, it's a good place to be an eater.

Still, a couple of things have been lacking: a neighborhood coffee shop and a local music venue. But with the opening of Flatrock Cafe, both those niches have been filled. Cafe owners Ronnie and Jeanette Haislip are inviting the whole neighborhood and any other interested Nashvillians to join them for their grand opening party this Saturday, Dec. 5, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. I visited the cafe during construction and can vouch that between the entertaining owners and their gregarious cook, Deb Young, you will go away amused and satiated. Their attitudes combined with a bright, almost Caribbean color scheme makes the atmosphere at Flatrock festive at any hour.

The menu promises gourmet coffee, sandwiches, soups, salads and Yazoo beer. Irene Kelley is booking singer-songwriters for their evening entertainment series, and she's obviously plugged into some fabulous talent. Dave Olney and Peter Cooper have already graced the small stage in the bistro, and Tommy Womack is on the calendar for next month. Check out their website for details.

The building itself has an interesting history, beginning its life as a Church's Chicken restaurant over on Murfreesboro Road before being moved to its current location as part of an auto lot. There are plenty of car lots and even another Church's joint on Nolensville Road. Here's hoping that Flatrock Cafe succeeds as something new and different for the burgeoning Woodbine community.


Hat tip to Jack Silverman for his reporting on this post, and if you drop enough hints you might even get to hear him perform at the Flatrock Cafe sometime soon.

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