Bake Someone Merry -- What's Your Recipe?



Cookie time, er, I mean Christmas time has rolled around again, the ideal time to bake cookies for the flimsiest of reasons.


Deciding which five or six cookie recipes are worthy of The Moss-Covered Three-Handled Family Christmas Cookie Tray is half the fun. Last year Food & Wine had a great spread of renowned chef's cookies -- top of the list for this year's tray are Nick Malgieri's Ginger Sandwich cookies with a lemon filling and Jacques Torres' Cherry Nut Mudslides.

During a Farmers Market foray, we ran across Muddy Pond Sorghum, and that means molasses cookies, preferably the ones from the Silver Palate.

But Relish magazine editor Jill Melton had a blog post recently on soft molasses cookies that sound -- and look -- really good.

The plan is to use the dough in our 1970s as-seen-on-TV cookie gun for molasses wreaths, sprinkled with sparkling sugar.

What other gorgeous bites of cookie pulchritude should be on our cookie tray? And what's on your family's holiday sweets platter?

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