Break Out the Aerosol Whipped Cream! It's Our Weekly Open Thread for Thanksgiving Weekend



Open Thread comments usually stick close to our favorite topics: restaurants. But in honor of Thanksgiving, the least commercial of American holidays (well, besides Columbus Day and Arbor Day), we'll take on home cooking, in-laws and travel arrangements.

I'll start. This was the first Thanksgiving ever that I was assigned a dish. And it was deviled eggs. I have a near-Hitchcockian loathing for boiled eggs. Loathsome, stinky, slippery, rubbery. We boiled 18 of them and the house smelled like the diaper pail. The whole effort was saved by a recipe from Being Dead is No Excuse: mix the yolks with homemade mayo, anchovy paste, minced onion, freshly ground mustard seed and dill mustard, plus capers for the top.

Thank you. That's all for me.

You probably have a Thanksgiving story, maybe better than boiled eggs. Certainly better than the reader who called last night with a desperate request for ideas on where to eat local on Thanksgiving.

What's your Thanksgiving story?

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