Jealous Much? Our Former Fearless Foodie Finds French Delights Delightful


  • Oeuf!

Remember former Scene staffer Lee Stabert? Fearless foodie? Music journo? Philly loyalist? Yalie? Obama campaigner? She was out like trout from Nashville shores back in May, and she's since kept up with her food obsessions on her underemployment blog which is, in fact, a food blog.

Recent visits find Stabert is spending an enviable month in Paris, where she's confirming her love for all things croissant, fromage and cafe in delightful prose. The above shot comes courtesy of breakfast in the Le Marais district. Not only does this shot provide a triple threat of awesome for its combination of travel, French things and breakfast, it's also nearly identical to the perfect breakfast I discovered in Los Angeles at the French bistro Le Pain--except, for me, it was a wild mushroom omelette with arugula and baguette. Psst, Marché: Please adjust your omelette du jour to include the crucial baguette, and Stabert: Please allow me to continue living vicariously through your trip.

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