Server Outfits: May I Take Your ... Order?




The bartender (James?) at Suzy Wong's House of Yum wore a great look: heather gray fitted T-shirt, cut a little low in front. "Love that shirt," I said between slugs of lychee martini (pictured, with the T-shirt in question in the background; I swear it's a coincidence).

"It's our uniform," he said. "Better than the one at the last place I worked, khakis and a shirt."

If you could trace the work server uniform from, say, the pink tunics over brown polyester trousers we Baskin-Robbins workers wore, past the Hooters costume, you'd eventually arrive at the steakhouse casual khakis-and-collared-shirt outfit that is sometimes so close to what the patrons are wearing that you might accidentally ask a likely-looking young diner where the ladies room is.

Has Suzy Wong's shaken off the old idea of "uniform" to hit a new level of stylishness and hawtness? Or has it found a new level of casualness? More important, does this mean the servers will be in hawt enough condition to wear The Shirt?

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