Olive & Sinclair: The Hottest Thing in Chocolate



This week's dining review takes us to the Land of Chocolate East Nashville, where Scott Witherow is roasting and grinding cocoa beans from around the globe to make Olive & Sinclair chocolate bars, flavored with varying levels of cocoa, and accented with salt & pepper, cocoa nibs and other spices.

By far, my favorite of the artisanal delicacies was the limited edition made with cinnamon and chili, which tempered a stealthy kick with deep chocolate and warm earthy spices. At six bucks a pop, O&S bars aren't priced for normal noshing, so here's the best way I've found to savor and stretch the indulgence:

Heat one cup of milk in microwave for about 2 minutes, until hot but not boiling. Break off two rectangles of Olive & Sinclair cinnamon-chili chocolate and stir into hot milk. Add a dash of vanilla. Wrap remainder of chocolate tightly and send to Carrington Fox, c/o Nashville Scene, Grassmere Park, Nashville, TN, 37211.

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