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I happened to be meeting some folks after BarCamp Nashville last Saturday night at an unofficial afterparty at Past Perfect downtown. Not being the night owl I used to be, things were wrapping up around the time to get home for the news to SNL. Hey, a guy's gotta get his news somewhere.

As I walked toward the front door, I noticed that servers were beginning to stock the steam tables with what looked like some pretty darned attractive Mexican food. I inquired about it and was told that Past Perfect offers food every Friday and Saturday night at midnight. "Good idea," I commented. "Kind of like the late night menus at some of the Midtown restaurants."

"Yeah," responded the server, "except ours is free." Ding-ding-ding. We have a winner! So if you're looking for someplace to sop up that Lower Broad PBR buzz you've got going on, take a quick turn onto 3rd Avenue under the Pedestrian Bridge for Free Pizza Fridays and Wholly Free Frijoles Saturday. Not since I graduated from college and survived on the free taco bars at The Heartthrob Cafe, Patrick's Fun Club and Rio Bravo (until my digestive system shut down in protest) have I been so excited about a freebie.

I may even take a nap tonight after work so I can stay up that late.


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