Whiskey Kitchen: You Took the Words Out of My Mouth



This week's review of Whiskey Kitchen, the tavern-chic restaurant in the Gulch, highlights a dessert that made us want to trade a flight of whiskeys for a tall glass of cold milk. The so-called "Oreo" dessert was a simple bowl of vanilla bean-flecked whipped cream and fresh strawberries loaded with four chocolate sandwich cookies stuck together with icing. Unlike actual Nabisco Oreos, Whiskey Kitchen's cookies were cakey instead of crisp, and, as the 4-year-old at my table pointed out, they didn't have any words on them. Ah, but in this case, a homemade Oreo was worth a thousand words.

(And if you like what the Whiskey Kitchen team does for an Oreo, you'll love their spin on fried green tomatoes and sliders.)

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