Why Restaurant Owners Shouldn't Gamble




Your mother always warned you about gambling, and this is exactly why.

City House owner Tandy Wilson made a bet with a co-worker on the Tennessee/Auburn game, and you can see who won the bet. After the Vols lost a close one, Tandy had to work his whole shift last night with the Auburn team name emblazoned on his forehead. He took it in stride, and was gracious enough to allow Bites to take a picture. (Pardon the quality. It's an iPhone photo.)

Even with magic marker on his forehead, the man still makes a mean pizza. In fact, the whole meal was fabulous. Padrón peppers with a sardine/bread crumb topping, some delightful chicken wings with chef Aaron's top-secret Alabama sauce, and the exceptionally tasty aforementioned pie, topped with zampina (house-made Italian sausage), fennel and pecorino.

If you've never been to City House, make it a priority. It's one of the most imaginative, delightful and consistent restaurants in town. And, unlike most of the city's best eateries, it's open on Sunday night!

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