Yassas, Zavos.


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In the Greek language, "yassas" means both hello and goodbye. Unfortunately at Zavos, the Inglewood neighborhood Greek eatery, there wasn't much time between yassas and yassas.

We heard earlier this month that management had closed Zavos indefinitely for "repairs and maintenance." That sounded suspiciously close to the note that was posted on the front door of Ombi which was followed up with a padlock on the front door as big as Mario Batali's head. We weren't optimistic for Zavos' future.

Annnnd...we were correct. Reports are that there are "Seized by the U.S. Government" signs plastered on the building. Contrary to any imagined Lou Grant-like images Bites readers might have that we hate being scooped by the intrepid Eric and Katie over at their excellent Nashville Restaurants blog, what really makes us sad is losing another local establishment.

Get out there and eat something, people!


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