Urban Farming: Welcome to the Pepper Mill



As my inaugural season as an urban farmer concludes, I'm making a few notes of things that worked and things that didn't work. So far, the list of things that didn't work is longer, with highlights including:

a. My soil


b. Things I planted in it

But there were a few triumphs along the way, including the brilliant little pepper pictured above. I can't remember precisely where this specimen hailed from, but I'm pretty sure it was either from

a. Fluffernutter


b. The Personal Farmer

It was the latter, a.k.a. Peter Anderson, who suggested that I mix edibles with perennials in the limited planting space around my house. And, true to his recommendation, this vibrant pepino plant contrasts beautifully against the spent columbine, sedum and iris in the above photo. Cut into fine strips, the fire-engine-red fruit also goes well with rice noodles in a salty chicken broth tinged with coriander and coconut and garnished with lime and fresh cilantro.

With that soup in mind, I'll be planting a much more generous stand of pepinos next spring--along with more cilantro. Now as for the chicken broth....

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