Gross Yogurt Flavor Pile-On Keeps Parents At Arm's Length



Sweet Cece's, the cleverly positioned yogurtorium next to Publix on Harding Road (below several busy pediatricians' offices) has hit on a way to prevent parents from sampling their kids' treats: the Bleh Factor.

As the payor of first resort, Mom will certainly demand a big bite or two of little Hunter's chocolate frozen yogurt with caramel sauce and chocolate cookie dough. But if Ellie is smart and gets a swirled-up concoction of blueberry and the soon-expected root beer yogurt, then tops it with Golden Grahams and Sno-caps, mom and dad are sure to stay away.

"Bleh. How can you eat that?" we say to our kids. "I can eat it because I'm not busy trying to keep it away from your spoon," they answer.

Maybe you tried this yourself as a kid -- remember making Suicide at the soft drink fountain? Or maybe, like me, you bought toffee on purpose because the adults' dental work couldn't tolerate it. What was your technique from keeping grown-ups out of your treat?

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