Yes, We Can...Peaches



Top tip for party planners: Invite Marne Duke to your potluck. The local food booster and former head of marketing for the Nashville Farmers' Market just might present you with a gorgeous mountain of open-face sandwiches like the platter pictured here.

For this seasonal appetizer, Marne piled soft rounds of Silke's bread from Clarksville (purchased at the Turnip Truck) with fresh homemade ricotta from a friend in East Nashville and canned peaches from the Farmers' Market.

If you invite Marne to your fête, she just might reciprocate with an invitation to a canning party, like the one where she--along with Friends of the Nashville Farmers' Market founder Jennifer Hagan-Dier, Slow Food Nashville director Robin Riddell and Caroline Trost--put up more 60 pounds of local produce.

"The peaches look like beautiful plump babies' bottoms when they are done," Marne said. "And it only took a few hours after work one day to make sure I can make yummy peach cobbler in January. I know that makes me officially old in some way. Next thing I'll be bragging on my knitting party that was off the hook!"

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