Urban Chicken Supporters Protesting Possible Bird Ban



After voting down a proposal that would allow urban farmers to raise limited numbers of chickens, Metro Council is preparing to vote on a bill that will formally close the door on backyard chicken coops. On Tuesday evening, the council will hear third reading on the Burch Bill, which prohibits live poultry in residential areas in the urban services district.

Local proponents of the national urban chicken movement say the Burch Bill, if passed, will end their efforts to develop egg-laying birds as a sustainable local food source whose benefits range from controlling insects and enriching soil to teaching children about where food comes from.

While the third reading is not open to public comment, chicken proponents are planning to show their numbers at Tuesday night's meeting. They are encouraging people to ask their representatives to vote no, and are gathering at the Metro Courthouse at 6:15 p.m. Tuesday, wearing stickers and T-shirts with messages in support of urban poultry.

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