Twice Bitten: The Weekly Rehash



For those of you who were out counting your chickens before they hatched and missed these headlines, take a stroll through these stories from the week on Bites.

Chicken advocates lost the battle at Metro Council on Tuesday, when the council voted in favor of a bill that would tighten up the language about poultry allowed in the urban services district. Urban farmers and chicken proponents are contemplating next steps.

Corsair Artisan Distillery is eyeing the space in Marathon Motorworks that will be left vacant when Yazoo Brewing moves to the Gulch next year.

Bites readers bantered about the potential closing of the post office in the downtown arcade.

Finally, one of our favorite love-hate topics reared its head: Reviewing chain restaurants. Last week's review of Shoney's, the homegrown Nashville chain, prompted a lively discussion and moved one cheery reader to declare in a letter to the editor, "Carrington Fox is probably the worst food writer ever. I mean really, who writes about chain restaurants?" (Mom, that really hurts.)

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