Pretty Maters All in a Row



Aren't they beautiful! If the squirrels didn't actually rearrange the little garden tags, then the tomatoes pictured above are from plants that Fluffernutter gave me. I think they said they were Better Boys, unless, of course, the squirrels had a go with a Sharpie.

I've never grown such pretty tomatoes. Alas, this lot ripening in my window sill is all there is. My vines seem to have birthed these fruits and then keeled over exhausted. I'm pretty sure I heard them whisper with their last dying breath, "Your soil sucks."

Never mind, this was a rebuilding year. Come to think of it, I'm going to rip those whiney vines out and throw them on the compost heap right now. Ashes to ashes. Next year will be even better, boys.

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