Chef Quick Joins Flyte Crew



Chef Ashley Quick has joined the team at Flyte World Dining & Wine, where he has been polishing the menu with chef Jen Franzen and pastry chef Erica Waksmunski for the past month. Quick brings a global résumé to the Eighth Avenue eatery, including stints at The Fat Duck in England, Clio in Boston and Bouchon in Napa.

Most recently, Quick was executive chef at Bistro 360. He has also worked with chef Tyler Brown at the Hermitage Hotel's Capitol Grille and at the exquisite but short-lived Andrew Chadwick's at Rutledge Hill.

Quick and Franzen will roll out a new fall menu on Sept. 22. In the meantime, the current menu reflects early input from Quick and is available after the jump.


Updated August 28, 2009.

(menu varies slightly day-to-day)


Corn Flan

tomato corn salad, jalapeno gastrique...9

Duck Confit

blue cornmeal cakes, peach ginger compote...9

Scallop Gnocchi

celery root puree, apple butter, fumet...10

Panko Dusted Shrimp

calypso bean salad, smoked watermelon vinaigrette...12



Peachs & Cream...6


Soup Flyte...8


Bliss Potato & Green Pea

baby spinach, confit grape tomatoes, pancetta, tarragon garlic dressing...9


baby romaine, olive & orange relish, sweet spicy almonds, sherry lavender vinaigrette...9

Tostones & Mango

baby greens, avocado stuffed tostones, mango lime curd, strawberry basil vinaigrette ...10

Salad Flyte...12


Berkshire Pork Tenderloin

golden jewel mix, peach and bacon hash, cinnamon gastrique...28

Sake Kasu Halibut

Carolina Gold rice, kale, oyster mushrooms, pickled spring onion, shoyu vinaigrette...29

Wedge Oak Farm's Chicken

sunchokes, baby carrots, roasted tomatoes, and carrot puree...25

Sonoma Duck Breast

huckleberry barbeque sauce, zucchini-carrot cake, mushroom gravy...26

Australian Natural Filet

heirloom tomato panzanella, pole beans, roasted corn, tomato jus...33

Vegetable Pasta "Ribbons"

zucchini, squash, Peruvian lentils, tomato vinaigrette, chard, eggplant meatballs...22


Tomato Flyte

black pepper blondie, cucumber coulis, thyme ice cream...9

Chocolate Flyte

dark gianduja, cocoa crumbs, raspberry sorbet, cocoa nib tuile...11

Panna Cotta

buttermilk, blueberry soup, white peach sorbet, honey tuile...9

Braised Apricots

orange blossom cake, yogurt sorbet, Sauternes foam, ginger...9

Funnel Cake

cherry, pistachio, black pepper ice cream...9

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