Garden Cafe Brings Beautiful Brunch to Jefferson Street



This week's dining column features The Garden Brunch Cafe on Jefferson Street, which, along with nearby Jefferson's and Stillwaters Cafe, is going a long way toward creating a dining personality for the North Nashville corridor.

When I spoke with Karl and Jennifer Carpenter about the menu at their charming family-friendly eatery, Jennifer said something that rang true at my own house: Despite her efforts to stock 100 percent maple syrup for the roster of pancakes and French toast, diners kept asking for Aunt Jemima. So now Aunt J is the default syrup, but you can get the real deal if you ask.

Same at my house! I go out of the way to stock something authentic and Vermonty, but everyone wants the maple-flavored stuff. Is that because we all grew up eating pseudo syrup, so that's the taste that sticks with us, or is the Aunt Jemima-Mrs. Butterworth-Log Cabin interpretation really a better companion for pancakes?

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