Smash or Trash?



Have nothing in your house that you do not believe to be either beautiful or useful, said some august figure regarding home decor and junk accumulation.

That's why I still possess the second-most-useless thing in my kitchen: the ice tray that makes cubes in the shape of Titanics and icebergs. The Titanics  sink to just the proper angle in a drink, and it's just too delicious to give away.

A hot discussion in the Recipezaar forums asked people to name the most pointless gadget in their kitchen. Blooming onion maker was the most often mentioned, with cookie press, flat whisk, ice crusher, cheap can opener, and egg separator all ranking high, though some people claimed devotion to their egg separators. A couple of people mentioned mine: the garlic press.


The press, although well-built and sturdy, didn't really eject the garlic. Instead, the press had to be disassembled and scraped. It was actually more work than chopping garlic, and added to the pile of food prep items to wash.

Are you still holding your most pointless gadget? Or did you ditch it? Better yet, did you give it to a good home?

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