Hey, Hey, Paula?



This weekend, the family cruised past 4023 Nolensville Road, where La Cocina de Paula is operating in the fast-food restaurant shell that formerly housed Super Pollo.

Open since June, La Cocina de Paula serves a menu of what owner Susana Guerrero describes as "typical Mexican food." Writing on the windows promises fish, chicken and steak.

Don't be misled by the illustrated menu board at the drive-through--it's not hooked up, but might be someday, Guerrero says. Also, La Cocina de Paula is open for neither late-night fare nor 6 a.m. breakfast, as the signage would indicate. Breakfast service might come in time, but for now, La Cocina de Paula is open 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily.

The Fox family unit was not to be diverted from the fish-taco-and-ceviche constitutional up the road at La Hacienda, so I didn't get to partake. Has anyone checked out La Cocina de Paula?

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