Our 'Mad Men' Party Gets a Menu



Did you see this clever re-make of TV title cards, including the "Mad Men" title? It pretty accurately sums up much of the action in "Mad Men," as long as you throw in retro eats like creamed spinach, Sara Lee frozen cheesecake, onion soup dip and tomato juice as an appetizer on posh menus.

The bloggers at epicurious.com put together a "Mad Men" menu that includes classic cocktails such as Brandy Alexanders and mai tais, plus recipes inspired by the show (though the recipe for cilantro-garlic pita chips seems wildly out of place) and tips for hosting a "Mad Men" party.

The "Mad Men" season starts again in August. Without TiVo, I probably won't host a Mad Men party while the episode is airing--that really would be madness. But eventually, maybe Carrington or I will zip into a classic New Look party dress and break out the Baked Alaska.

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