Dispatch from New Orleans: Funk and Flambé at Brennan's Breakfast


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Guest blogger Kami Rice contributed this post, the fourth in her series of reports from New Orleans.

Brennan's wooed me before I even stepped through its doors. The pinkish hue of the exterior walls greeted me warmly in the morning sunlight, and the spell continued inside the famous restaurant, where pleasant yet professional servers guided our group through our order.

The leisurely breakfast began with morning cocktails from the roster of "Eye Openers," and I chose the Mr. Funk of New Orleans, created in memory of the restaurant's late cellar master, Herman Funk. (If you want your own Mr. Funk, pour 3 oz. of champagne into a stemmed glass, then add 2.5 oz. of cranberry juice and 0.5 oz. of peach schnapps. Garnish with a strawberry.)

I followed the Funk with turtle soup, baked apples with double cream and gumbo.

By the time the entrées arrived, I was smitten. While the Eggs Sardou was very good, it was the Brennan's original Eggs Hussarde that won my heart: poached eggs atop Holland rusks and Canadian bacon with marchand de vin sauce, all topped with Hollandaise sauce.

For dessert--yes, breakfast at Brennan's comes with dessert--Chef Lazone Randolph left the kitchen long enough to prepare Bananas Foster tableside, so we could taste the famous dessert--sauteed bananas with brown sugar, cinnamon and banana liqueur flamed with rum and served à la mode--at the place where it was invented. The seduction was complete.


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