The People Have Spoken! And They Said, "Uh, Nah."



Everywhere you turn these days it seems there's a grassroots petition campaign to land a restaurant (in Nashville, Chipotle) or revive a discontinued product (Wonka Giant Color-Changing Sweet Tarts)

Sure, it's sad when a childhood favorite vanishes from shelves. It's the end of some small part of childhood, or some pleasant memory. In Great Britain, it was Um Bongo, a fruit-flavored drink something like Hi-C, produced under the Libby's label. It's the kind of drink you'd find at children's birthday parties. Markets quit stocking it at some point over the last couple of years. Between the artificial color, the sugar content, and that advertisement above, you can sort of see why. It needed a brand makeover in the worst way.

An outraged citizen, er, subject of Her Majesty, got up an online petition to request the return of this childhood favorite to store shelves. So far, of 60 million Brits and untold members of the commonwealth and colonies, a whopping 41 people have signed on. That's what political pundits call "a clear mandate."

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