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A few weeks ago we promised to let you know when the Patterson House had its summer menu in place. Well, that time is now.

While most of the bill of fare remains the same, with six innovative new cocktails and several sweet and savory small plates for noshing, there's enough new items to make it worth your while to make the trip to check it out.

Unfortunately, our party had spent the day on the Hubert Davis Bluegrass Inn meal plan ("We ate popcorn for breakfast, drank water for lunch and swole up for dinner!"), so we didn't get a chance to sample any of the new food offerings during our recent visit.

Chef Josh Habiger walked us through the new menu, including his take on chicken tacos. His version is chilled and showcases avocado and a tequila creme. Josh was uncertain how best to explain the confit of chicken wing, but from his description it sounded like a clucky version of pulled pork.

For sweet treats, Josh has apparently got a good deal from the Nutella dealer, as two of his new desserts feature the "Original Creamy, Chocolaty Hazelnut Spread™." (Which a little Internet research shows is actually kosher. You're welcome.) The first dish is sort of a deconstructed S'mores, with Nutella, graham crackers, homemade marshmallow and atomized gin(?!) to keep the proceedings a little bit boozy in homage to the location. The second dessert is a Pietro Panini made with Nutella, peanut butter and Benton's bacon. We'll save room for that one on our next visit to the Patterson House for sure.

Even though we could tell we were helping to break in a new bartender the night we visited, our cocktails were mixed with the signature panache that epitomizes Patterson House's philosophy of great ingredients prepared with entertaining élan.

The frothy Sunshine was based on Inca Gold brandy, lemon, orange flower water, egg whites and Summer and Old-Fashioned bitters. Its aerated light texture kept the herbal essences of the bitters right under your nose until the last sip. My drinking companion enjoyed her Vodka Cobbler with hints of lemon, Lillet Blonde, seasonal fruits and Regan's orange bitters. Patterson mixologists don't do much with vodka, preferring more flavorsome palettes to build their creations. But this one was a winner.

Patterson House is located at 1711 Division Street in Midtown. The menu is not available online (What's up with THAT?), so you'll have to drop by in person to see the rest of the carte du noir. Hey, we can't be expected to drink our way through it all in one night by ourselves.

Mr. Boar sez: All employees must wash hands before returning to work!
  • Mr. Boar sez: All employees must wash hands before returning to work!

Finally, If you haven't had a chance to visit the men's room at the Patterson House, here's what you've been missing.

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