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Once you train your eyes to seek out beets, you can't stop seeing them. They're everywhere, even in the potato chip aisle.

I have always championed Terra Chips, the innovative and colorful blend of root vegetables--including my beloved beets--so I was near-ecstatic to find this best-of-the-best pairing of beets and sweet potatoes given the potato-chip treatment.

The mission of the Bites Beet Beat has been to showcase summer's ruby-red diversity of beets, which I believe to be an undervalued and overlooked crop. So I applaud Terra Chips' bold gesture to showcase beets not as a starchy extra but as a leading veg.

Unfortunately, what we have in the Terra Chips Sweet & Beets pairing is the Peter Principle at play in the world of snack foods. Beets, as it turns out, do not deserve top billing in a bag of chips, for the simple reason that they taste too much like stale Frosted Flakes.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I reject Sweet & Beets. But it is with great confidence in beets and optimism for the future that I carry on in my pursuit of this great red root.

As always, if you know of any excellent beet recipes worthy of inclusion--beet cereal, perhaps?--please forward them to the Bites Beet Beat.


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