Snack Tray: Ugly Tomatoes Make the Sweetest Sauce


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They may be unsightly--one might say they'd been tethered to every spoke in the ugly trellis--but Nancy Vienneau makes a good case for "catface tomatoes" on Good Food Matters. "For catering purposes, we couldn't use them on trays of caprese, for instance," she writes. "But brushed with olive oil, roasted with onion, garlic, and a few sprigs of thyme, they made a chunky sauce that was moanin'-good." Better still, she gives you the recipe, and it looks simple enough that even a dope like me couldn't screw it up.

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• It must be Whisk Wednesday over at Spinach Tiger, where Angela Roberts whips up everything from a golden-crusted cheese soufflé to risotto with wild shrimp and fresh peas (only to tantalize you with the photos). The most exciting development there is her new "Cooking Italy" food blogging group: "I grew up under an amazing umbrella of great Italian home cooks. I am often disheartened at what passes for Italian food in America. I want to encourage others to forget what they have learned about Italian food and learn classical Italian cooking, where the recipes are uncomplicated and success relies on balance and taste." Read all about it here.

• "Y'all, I really like this pie," writes Rebekka Seale over at Nom de Plume. I'm no fan of cherry pie (apart from a close encounter with the Mar-T Diner in Washington state in the immediate wake of Twin Peaks), but I have a feeling I might like the one in this recipe. It comes with this tip: "Except maybe don't use Rainier cherries. That was an experiment this time, but I usually use the sweet dark ones and everybody at the table ends up crying because it's so outrageous. So do that, and prepare to shed a few tears over the crust as well."

• We'd be remiss without a hat tip to Claudia at cook eat FRET, who tipped us to the blogs above. Her latest post is class all the way, from the luscious photo of that stuffed Berkshire pork chop to her shout-out to the unstoppable Food, Inc. (still drawing crowds at The Belcourt). Her many friends will be tickled by the image of her grazing through her patio garden for an afternoon nosh: "i tasted the fennel fronds and the parsley and the french thyme too, just picking away as though i was a rabbit or a raccoon or a deer--or whatever usually ravages your garden...."

• Who's eating where: Nashville Restaurants and Ulika at the Hot Chicken Festival; Eat.Drink.Smile at tayst; Lannae at Laos Thai Cafe (which sounds amazing); Nashville Foodies at the Brentwood creperie The Perch.


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