Name the Harris Teeter Contest, Plus Opening Partay and Factoids



We peeked through the windows of the Harris Teeter on a recent drive-by. The annex is full of candy-and-gum racks, packed full and ready to roll into place at each checkout lane. Can't be long now, we thought.

And indeed, our e-invitation arrived, noting that the Harris Teeter at 4416 Ridgefield (that's Harding Road across from Taco Bell to most people) is set for July 14. Of all the monikers it might have, the name "Ridgefield Harris Teeter" isn't among them. You could live in the neighborhood your whole life without knowing the name of that little piece of the street.

So it needs a new name. Bring on the creative names that will help distinguish this Harding Road Harris Teeter from the other Harding Road Harris Teeter. Points for accuracy and precision, but more points for being funny.

If you're in the area, they'll be cutting the ribbon at 5:30 p.m. on July 14 and holding Taste of Teeter until 8. The Taste of Teeter will offer products from the seafood department, deli, bakery and produce.

This Harris Teeter location deserves a chartreuse halo for implementing green building practices for this location. One thing shoppers will notice right away is on-site recycling for paper and plastic bags (including dry cleaning bags, paper towel wrappers, etc.). Behind the scenes are an energy management program, an energy-efficient roofing system, non-ozone depleting refrigeration (which represents a serious commitment), and high efficiency water heaters that reclaim water from the refrigeration system. (A great idea I never heard of before.)

Cool stuff you'll be able to get when the store opens for business the next day: hot Asian bar, Boar's Head meat, sushi, certified "green thumb" products, olive bar, Red Box dvd rentals and 10 check-out lanes plus two express lines.

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