It's a Shame the Nobel Prizes Have Already Been Awarded This Year



It distresses me sometimes that I have to get out of Nashville to see the next big thing. Recently, I was making a quick stop at the liquor store at the Monteagle exit on the way to our Sewanee cabin. You know...for cooking wine.

On the front counter I spied these:


Whipped Lightning, where have you been all my life?

Developed by two boozentrepeneurs from Atlanta as the result of a happy accident of mixing a bottle of Amaretto di Saronno with a carton of 40 percent milkfat cream in a KitchenAid mixer, the concept of "whipahol" was born. After more experimenting, cinnamon, orange and macadamia joined the flavor offering.

Guinn Nixon, the proprietor of Eagle Liquors in Monteagle immediately noticed by bemusement and enthusiasm. He stepped over to the counter to offer his assistance and answer my excited stream of questions:

Yes, we sell a lot of it. (30 cases so far)

No, I don't know if it's available in Nashville yet.

Amaretto, Orange, Macadamia and Cinnamon, in order of popularity.

It's great on shooters, apple pie, coffee drinks, brownies and various and sundry body parts.

$10.95 per can.

Yes, we take Visa.

So a quick transaction later and a can of Amaretto whipahol was mine. Resisting the urge to give it a little try in the parking lot, the Whipped Lightning made it home to our refrigerator. In an interesting contradiction, the can states that it is best served at room temperature, but also that you should refrigerate the product after opening.

When cooled, the whipahol dribbles out in a thin, but delicious dribble. When allowed to warm up, the foam is thick and dense like normal whipped topping. I think that implies that you should use the entire can in one serving.

Duty calls.


To find your recipes for whipaholic desserts and drinks, visit the company website here.

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