"Local is Everything" Lunch and Learn on 7/7/09



Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee are offering another of their "Tuesdays in the Garden" Lunch and Learn series tomorrow at 11:00 at the Nashville Farmers Market. Lunch will be $25/plate, a portion of which goes to help support the efforts of this group to create and sustain a secure and healthy food system for Middle Tennessee, from production to consumption.

Martha Stamps Catering is providing the meal. There is no set menu yet as Miss Martha is depending on the abundance and availability of produce at the Market. You know it'll be tasty, and from the description below, the conversation should be thought-provoking.

How buying local affects everything from the economy and environment to the cost of healthcare. In this time when our dollars matter more than ever, with food scares coming out of California and China at equal regularity, things like buying local and knowing where your food comes from and how it is raised is really important. As we discuss the continuum of choices you now have in buying and raising your own food, you need to know how to spend your resources and how it makes a difference.

During our discussion you will meet chefs and families who have taken on the local challenge and hear what they have learned along the way. From driving out to the country to pick their own fruit to adopting seasonal menus, there will be plenty of real life accounts about how local food is no longer out of the question.

The event will begin downstairs with a cooking demonstration and end upstairs in the Second Floor Conference Room with a meal prepared with the freshest local and seasonal ingredients. $15 benefits Food Security Partners.

Visit http://www.richlandgardens.net/lunchandlearn.html for the full Lunch and Learn lineup.

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