Kraving Kreative Kid Krafts



The annual search for creative, kid-level summer projects turned up two especially cute edible crafts: Frooshi and Orange Surprises.

Frooshi is so simple that almost any age child can make it, so long as an adult helps with the cutting. You'll need a banana, sprinkles and a green or blue fruit roll-up. (Get a kid to help you sort out the approximately 30 multi-colored, unnaturally flavored, tongue-tattooing, secret-coded, sparkly, effervescent and glow-in-the-dark types offered in the fruit snack aisle.)

Peel the banana. Wrap it in a fruit roll up. Cut into 1-inch slices. Sprinkle sparkling sugar or chocolate sprinkles in the center of each banana. Frooshi! It's even fun to say!

Orange Surprises are more challenging, and makes a much bigger mess but are more fun, too, and good for bigger kids. Cut two large oranges around the equator. Scoop out the pulp being careful not to puncture the orange peel. (Eat it or discard it--you won't be using it.) Prepare a small (3-ounce) box of lemon, orange or strawberry Jell-O according to the package directions. Set the orange halves on a plate. Pour the Jell-O into the orange halves. Let it firm in the refrigerator. Cut each half into halves and slurp out the Jell-O.

With another week of craft time ahead, we're lining up a popsicle project and a refrigerator pickle recipe. What else can we do for summer fun? What did you do during the summer as a kid?

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