Can Mayor Dean Handle the Heat Like his Predecessor?



Before our tear ducts and the skies opened up on July 4th, remember the happier times? Well, at least when our tears were streaming because of the capsaicin buzz that accompanied the third annual Music City Hot Chicken Festival at East Park.

Eric and Katie have a recap over at their always entertaining Nashville Restaurants blog. In the hotly contested Amateur Cooking Division, The Pollo Suave crew from Mufreesboro took home the Golden Clucker besting Hot Hula Girl Chicken,Team Rutledge, Hot as Cluck Fried Chicken, Driving & Frying, Bucky's and Team Rudloff.

Sure, the lines were long for beer and free chicken, but you couldn't have asked for better weather to share a day of camaraderie and peppery poultry. Crowd estimates range from 7,000 people to "everybody in the whole damned city," and the Friends of Shelby Park & Bottoms benefited from the proceeds.

Speaking of bottoms, take it from an expert, Mr. Mayor. Tucks Pads.


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