Twice Bitten: The Weekly Rehash



It's the Day Before Independence Day, and the Bites team is out pursuing happiness, preparing to ingest as much hot chicken, black bean salad and cobbler as we can find across the picnics and potlucks of this great nation.

In other words, we've been liberated from our keyboards. But if you're not out buying a gift for the country's 233rd birthday, take a spin through these headlines from the week on Bites.

Food, Inc.. sparked a meaty conversation on Bites, as readers discussed the pros and cons of the industrial food system as depicted in the Food on Film series at the Belcourt.

Bites readers slugged it out over the best neighborhoods for dining in Nashville. Should Hillsboro Village make the list? The Gulch? You decide.

12South added one more to its tally of independent eateries with the news that Burger Up will open at 12th & Paris in December.

Rosario's in Edgehill Village closed.

We tallied up the restaurant opening and closings for the year to date.

And finally, author John Egerton made a call to arms, urging readers to support restaurateur Randy Rayburn in a last-ditch stand against legislation allowing gun in restaurants and bars. This being July 4 weekend and all, exercise your constitutional right to weigh in on the issue.

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