Open Thread: Thumbs Up or Down on 'Food, Inc.'?



If you were one of the 300-plus folks who crammed into the Belcourt on Friday night for a panel discussion and screening of Food, Inc., or braved Saturday's heat in the theater parking lot for the local food fair, spill it. What did you think?

Have you given up fast food? Are you ready to toilet-paper the corporate offices of Monsanto? Have you friended Joel Salatin on Facebook yet? Are you ready for a roadtrip to Polyface Farms? Do you wish you could bottle that sultry Georgia accent of hat-wearing panelist Will Harris from White Oak Pastures (pictured above)? Have you already downloaded Springsteen's version of "This Land is Your Land"?

What images and issues stood out in your mind? Are you encouraged or discouraged? What are you going to do about it?

The Belcourt's Food on Film series, as well as the ongoing Good Food Film Festival at Warner Parks, offers a lot of food for thought this summer and the perfect fodder for a conversation among Bites readers.

What's on your mind?

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