Twice Bitten: The Weekly Rehash



If you didn't act fast, you missed your shot at Ombi's new drinks menu, posted this week on Bites, because no sooner had the drinks menu emerged than a sign was posted on the door that Ombi was closed, due to a problem with the gas line. (No word yet on the prognosis for that gas line.)

At least there was a boozy alternative nearby, when the bartender from the Violet Hour showed up for the weekend at The Patterson House as a guest mixologist.

Meanwhile, Bites readers heard a new voice when Chris Chamberlain joined the blog, asking for advice on pimping his cooktop and giving advice on finding restaurants and baby daddies.

Perhaps the most hotly debated topic this week was the etiquette--or lack thereof--of eating in the grocery store before you pay for your stuff.

If you missed any of these posts, scroll back through Bites and add your two cents.

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