Meaty, Weedy, Froggy and Junk at Golden Coast Weekend Buffet



These days, and for the last few years, Nashville's best option for Chinese food is the Golden Coast weekend buffet. It's just the weekend--if you eat there during the remainder of the week, you're on your own.
The commenter alwayshungry and I took our families for a weekend visit. I got the clams in black bean sauce, the stir-fried tofu skin, shrimp pearl dumplings, fish in brown sauce (best dish of the day), frog legs fried like chicken (sometimes a cliche is a cliche for a reason), spicy seaweed salad, thinly sliced beef with a perfumey star anise flavor, and bubble tea. Thank gosh I wore my "eatin' pants" with the stretchy waist.

Someone in the kitchen had worked hard to turn out this bounty of well-executed food. They put in extra effort at the fringes, where there lurked odder-than-usual offerings like stewed pigs' feet with no meat on them; a rice-and-shiitake dumpling steamed in a tea-scented, tobacco-flavored leaf; and seaweed soup in which the seaweed ribbons were tied into pretty knots.


To round out the meal, there's always an impressive selection of agar-based gelatin of bright color and uncertain provenance. There's banana pudding, a perennial Chinese buffet favorite, or C-list cookies. Skip these, though, because Golden Coast has laid on the ultimate in American sweets, the crisp-rice-n-marshmallow square and the Little Debbie Swiss roll. 

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