Oysters "R" Safe in May



Crow's Nest offers two kinds of oysters, baked and raw. We were celebrating last week, so we ordered both.

I got to wondering, because "May" has no "r" in it -- will the oysters be worth eating? Worse, will they ruin our party? Because nothing ends a party faster than funky oysters.

Turns out, that whole "R" thing is largely European, and also, that Atlantic and Pacific oysters spawn later than May, usually in late June. Also, because most oysters are farmed, their beds are closely watched, and they can be scooped up right up until the moment the boy oysters catch a whiff of romance.

After that, they're thin and watery, because they put all their calories into luuuurv. All summer, they plump up, and by the time the "r" months arrive, they're ready to be your guest for dinner again.

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