Things I Will Miss in Nashville...



...A Short List:

Anchovy pizza at City House, paletas in Sevier Park, Portland Brew chocolate chip cookies, birthday cakes from Sweet 16th, playing "How Cheap Will It Be?" at Las Americas, walking home drunk from Red Door East, Hung Ray Curry at Siam Café, larb at Pad Thai Kitchen (level 4 spicy), Yazoo beer, happy hour martinis at Eastland Café (oh, and that herb olive oil they serve with the bread), Alley Cat's patio (RIP), Family Wash veggie shepherd's pie, kashk at House of Kabob (dip of the gods, and of Jack Silverman), iced tea at Bongo East, Drew's Brews, those glorious times when you walk into Marché and don't have to wait, Woodland Wine Merchant, Slick Pig's crazy awesome smoked chicken wings, grabbing a couple things at Turnip Truck, banchan at Seoul Garden, Kimchi Soup at So Gong Dong Tofu House, eating at the bar at Samurai Sushi, the cheesy grits at Rumours East, Rebel Yelp Turkey Dog at I Dream of Weenie, late-night munchies at Mas Tacos Por Favor (quinoa!), lunch with Scene folks.

And that's just an abbreviated tally. It's been real. Stabert out.

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