Inbox Need Detoxifying? Try Snake Oil Berry



No doubt the third largest component of your inbox spam, behind Viagra pills and Submariner watches (but above Nigerian royalty seeking a finance partner), is the acai berry.
Seems that for hundreds of years, this palm fruit has merely been as a staple of the Brazilian diet, when it could have been cleansing the colons and prolonging the vitality of overweight people in the developed world. Thank goodness that's changed.

Like a lot of fruits, acai berries have some antioxidant properties. And that's about the end of their magic. Eating them is only about as beneficial as eating any berry, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest.

And whatever youdo, don't go for the free sample. According to many many complaints, the supplements are free after you pay for shipping and handling, which are charged to your credit card, and you're enrolled in a $50/month program to receive more supplements. Un-enrolling is difficult.

And those ads that claim to expose acai berry scams? They're just slightly more sophisticated credit card enrollment programs. Use that $50 a month to buy more fresh berries -- it's a better deal, and you can see exactly what you're getting.

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