Twice Bitten: The Weekly Rehash



You needed a big appetite to take in all the food news and events of the past week.

Bites readers noshed and gnashed on The Local Taco, which opened in Sylvan Park just in time for Cinco de Mayo.

We found ourselves in foreign territory--or more specifically, familiar territory at a foreign time of day--when we sampled the lunchtime menu of barbecue at Jimmy Carl's Lunch Box inside the Station Inn.

The saga of Urban Farming continued with a proposed crop-swapping growers' group, and our long-anticipated Iron Fork culinary challenge culminated with Jeremy Barlow taking home the Golden Fork.

If you missed out on any of the conversation about corn cakes, gummy beer, red snapper and the newly renovated Farmers' Market, scroll back through the week of Bites and throw in your two cents.

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