Showcasing Nashville: Ma and Bro are Coming to Town



So, the impossible has recently been confirmed: My mom is finally coming to Nashville to visit me. She helped me move down here more than three years ago (not an easy task since I was crippled by a broken kneecap at the time) and hasn't been back since. Now, this isn't entirely her fault--due to the fact that she lives full-time at the Jersey Shore these days, summer months always result in my going there. We also spend Thanksgiving in Philly. She swore she was coming last fall, but then I ended up back in the City of Brotherly Love working for the Obama campaign. So, long story short, the stars have finally aligned and she's coming to town, my little brother in tow.

Now that I know this town pretty well, I'm excited to show it off. This means food, lots of it. And since I've started doing a bit of food writing, my family expects a lot from me when it comes to restaurant choice. I don't want to disappoint.

So, Bites Community, where should I take them for a truly local--and impressive--culinary experience. City House? Las Americas? Margot? Hot chicken? Sweet 16th? (Keep in mind, my mom loves, loves, loves a great deal.)

I also plan on cooking one night. Any show-stopping recipes (that remain easy to prepare after a couple of glasses of wine) that folks have been itching to share?

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