Culinary Dispatch from Asheville: Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company


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As part of the recent Fox family tour of Asheville, we stopped at Asheville Pizza and Brewing Company. In addition to homemade pizza and beer, the restaurant, which has two stores, offers movies. On the night we were dining, Milk was screening in the large indoor/outdoor room pictured above, so we kept our G-rated audience in the beery, wood-paneled main dining room.

We were tempted by the punny list of movie-themed items, including Luca Brasi's lasagna, Homer's Garlic D'oh Knots, the Paul Reuben, Men in Black Beans & Rice and the Royale with Cheese, but we went straight for the pepperoni 'za. Since my friend Yvonne Smith, the Traveling Vegetarian, introduced me to Asheville Pizza and Brewing via her vlog in the first place, I'll rely on her very thorough accounting of the omnivorous but very veggie-friendly restaurant.

Meanwhile, Yvonne recently made her way down under for a veggie's eye view of Australia. She always goes to the best places.


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