Fingernails on the Chalkboard: Call for Annoying Food Words



Finding the right words to convey sublime deliciosity is the constant challenge of food writing. There are only so many words. It's tempting to fall back on "yummy."

But that would be lazy, so onward and upward in the quest for better food words. It can lead to dangerous places. Like "unctuous" and "gooey" territory, and the stomach-churning "-gasm," construction, like "choco-gasm_" or "mouth-gasm," that are as likely to send people rushing for the stalls as they are to send them rushing for a reservation.

We all have our own gag-meters. Mine is "tongue tingling." It isn't just the fatuous alliteration or the double-barreled stupidity. It's the plain inaccuracy. Besides pop rocks and soft drinks, I can't think of a substance that causes tingling on the tongue that doesn't also require medical attention.

There, I feel better. But what about you: what food-related word is your tipping point?

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