Sky Blue Coffee & Bistro: Kinda Awesome



Recently the Marché bum rush has gotten a bit out of hand. Now, don't get me wrong--the place is always worth the wait, but sometimes my slightly hungover self wants to resist the descent into crankiness and constant moans of, "Who are these people?! Why don't they go back to where they came from!" that inevitably arise from a wait over half an hour.

A couple of weeks ago at bowling league, our teammate mentioned that he and his wife had brunched at Sky Blue Coffee & Bistro, the Edgefield café currently occupying the insanely charming space that once housed the short-lived Vino. This weekend we decided to try it out, and it was kind of awesome.

The food was solid eggs-omelets-pancakes-French toast fare, but with some innovative twists. I chowed down on brisket Benedict and my man delved into an insane combination of biscuits, sausage gravy, potatoes, eggs and cheese, all tossed together in a bowl. It was a little like this, but less sad. Oh, and they serve Drew's Brews.

Overall, the food was solid. But what I really loved about this place was the neighborhood feel. The dining room was packed, so we sat outside, and it was amazing to see how many parties were walking to brunch. (I also think this might be the first Nashville restaurant I've seen without a parking lot.) The waiters, who were incredibly cheerful and accommodating, seemed to know the regulars, and the whole place just had this cozy, friendly vibe. Like I said, kinda awesome.

We walked home through beautiful Edgefield, Sunday NY Times under my arm. Yuppie heaven.

In other news: Our waiter informed us that Sky Blue just got their wine license--mimosas for all!

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