Worshipping at the Feet of Trivius, God of Trivia, at The Melrose



Tuesday night is trivia night at The Melrose (presented by ubiquitous local trivia purveyors Trivia Time). Last week, I went with some friends. We came early and ate dinner because the place gets packed. Now, in her late January review of the new bar, Carrington Fox liked the food, but asserted, "We did not stumble across any signature items for which we'd likely develop a sober craving." I would like to, very kindly, disagree. If you love waffle fries--and I LOVE waffle fries--then rejoice! Melrose makes some excellent ones.We had them plain, but you can also order them loaded with chili and cheese. Definitely cravable.

We'll be back this week. Spending our winnings. Cuz we won the night. Suckas!

Another tip for The Melrose: They have two-for-ones on Thursdays.

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