A Heart-Shaped Box of Valentine Goodness; or, Leftovers Again



For Valentine's Day, are you resisting the commercial press of a holiday that's turned into an artificial celebration of romance? Or are you celebrating romance? Are you steeling yourself against Russell Stover samplers and gooey Hallmark commercials, or have you already knuckled under to Big Greeting Card? Or are you somewhere in between?

In this week's Scene, as part of our Valentine's Day Revival Package, we offer a brief guide to some of the restaurant offerings this weekend. (We also recommend you don't read Carrington's guide to Nashville's most sinful cocoas without protection. Seriously. Chocophiles are going to feel like tweens hiding under the covers with Judy Blume.)

One thing we don't have, though, is a section on chocolate and candy gifts. If you're like that old softie Mr. Pink, you'll wait until 8 a.m. Feb. 15 and ransack the Valentine's markdowns at Walgreen's, CVS and Kroger. (Just to prove romance isn't dead, I'll hum a few bars of "Silly Love Songs" while I gobble the entire box in my car.) Or you can try some of these:

The Cocoa Tree in Germantown offers Valentine gift sacks of peanut butter bites or toffee ($12.99) as well as truffles in flavors ranging from chili pepper to margarita to sweet potato. Let chocolatier Bethany Thouin hook you up with an impressive True Love Tower sampler for $79.99.

• At Cuppycakes Bakery & Confections in Spring Hill--remember, they deliver!--chocolatier Cathy Parsons will be making truffles just like the one in the picture we stole from their website. Typically they need 4 to 7 days to complete an order, but you're welcome to call 474-8697 and throw yourself on her mercy. A ribbon-wrapped six-piece box is $12.95.

• Whole Foods has a six-piece tray of Middle Tennessee raw-food chef Laura Button's Brazilian truffles available for $11.99.

Also, I saw King Size M&M Dark Chocolate Peanut candies at Mapco for $1.79. Splurge and buy two.

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