There's Noel in Tofu



Ever watched a child play with the Fisher-Price farm set and wonder whether there were toys for people who don't wish to exploit animals even in pretend? Well sure--who hasn't? Such teeming legions can find just the gift at the quirky site for all things handmade,

Here's your tofu plushie. Here are your tofu earrings.

And a cloth stir-fry with tofu similar to, but more sustainable than, Fisher-Price plastic food. (There's a cotton version for vegans.)

Supporting a radical tofuista who believes that tofu is much more than protein that can't fight back? Give a goth tofu warrior. Oh yes there is.

Just one more thought. Tofu Timmy the Soy Boy wants to remind you of something. Holidays--what a time to share the spirit of tofu.

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