West Side Story



My friend Alicia the real estate agent wants me to stop calling her neighborhood The Nations and start calling it West Town.

You know the place: the streets have names like Kentucky, Illinois, Louisiana, California and New York. Why on earth is it called The Nations instead of The States is a trivia question for another day, and possibly a comment on the city's collective geographical firepower.

Anyway, when you're driving through West Town on Centennial Boulevard and you see the vivid green of Laverte's Market, look across the street and there's Fast Freddy's. When the window painting is this good, naturally, you're going to stop.


Fast Freddy's is the neighborhood's lunch spot for industrial workers and neighbors, serving pungently sage-y chicken dressing, tangy greenbeans, hot salty cornbread, good chopped steak, passable cabbage, and meatloaf every day.


Good hot home cooking, like the sign says. If you can believe, I didn't get the meatloaf. Can anyone report?

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