Whole Foods Chefs Fight For Iron Spork, Nov. 1



For anyone who can't wait until spring for the return of Iron Fork, the Scene's chef showdown, you can get a soupçon of culinary competition this Saturday at Iron Spork, when two chefs go head to head in Whole Foods' Salud! cooking school in Green Hills.

Whole Foods chefs Lou from Green Hills and Jack from Franklin will have an hour to put their best forks forward, using a single ingredient and a pantry of supplies. The heated-simmered-and-sauteed competition kicks off at 1 p.m. Guests can monitor the action while enjoying food and drinks, and they can designate their $15 entry fee to benefit either Second Harvest Food Bank's Backpack Program or Food Security Partners of Middle Tennessee.

For information and registration email Jolie.Yockey (at) wholefoods.com

Remember fiddlehead ferns, the secret ingredient at the inaugural Iron Fork? What secret ingredient would you like to see this time?

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